Philip Kane is a London soul crooner who has released three acclaimed but not well known albums with his band The Expendables. His work is characterized by exquisite and morally complex lyricism delivered in a burnished soul tenor over orchestrated and nuanced backing.

Flowers and Ledges (Featuring Mark Eitzel)
Catalogue Number: COR005

“Kane’s rare ability to find the romance in the dirt and bleakly literate lyricism is cut from the same bruised cloth as Cathal Coughlan and Mark Eitzel ... Aching, tender tones” **** Mojo 

“A superb homage to funky, bluesy, jazzy soul which students of the genre are bound to love. Great playing and a great voice (as well as a guest appearance by Mark Eitzel) sit atop some very decent tunes all constructed with one ear to the past and an eye to the future.” 8/10 Americana UK

“A grandstanding gallery of literate, heartfelt testifying, moving from reverie-rock balladry all the way to cosmic soul. As the title track broods like an outtake from David Sylvian’s Gone To Earth, Kane’s stunning voice sighs ‘You’ve got chocolate around your mouth’ like he’s had an epiphany and makes the idea of “hundreds and thousands” chime with Proustian resonance. Exquisite musicianship ebbs and flows as he shifts from Leonard Cohen to Curtis Mayfield, advocating education and resilience while wishing someone a ‘fucking awful Christmas’. Mark Eitzel and Suzanne Barbieri contribute backing vocals on a grand folly that’s simply drenched in wisdom.”
Art Rock Release of the Month Prog Magazine


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Time Gentlemen

Catalogue number: COR013

"A classic if you ask me. This album must be experienced"
Dagbladet (Norway)

"Songs from the soul's backyard. A fabulous singing voice."
Groove (Norway)


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Time Gentlemen
Songs for Swinging Lovers

Catalogue Number: COR010

"Blessed with a magnetic white soul voice... There's nothing cheap about his novelistic range and ambition."

"Exceptionally good... A soul album with its roots firmly in the vocal stylings of Al Green or Curtis Mayfield"
Classic Rock Society

"A stunning collection of neo soul... crooned in the voice of a scotch obsessed Al Green"
Rolling Stone

One of the finest new soul records I've heard in a long time... a gem of an album."
Dagbladet (Norway)

"Songs for Swinging Lovers is a stunning mix of styles but through it all shines the singer's treacly tenor. No one does soul like this."
Birmingham Post

"Fuck any lyricist who can't tell a story. Philip Kane clearly can... the best album you'll never buy this year."
Hip Hop Connection


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Songs for swinging lovers
Me, the Ladyboy and Gloria Estefan

 Catalogue Number: COR003

"Philip Kane is a ridiculously well kept secret who should be celebrated alongside the very best crooners out there."

"What Ben Harper might sound like singing the complete works of Jacques Brel"
Logo Magazine


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Me, the Ladyboy and Gloria Estefan
Hangover Square - Avalanche

Catalogue number: CDCOR198

"Self loathing has rarely sounded so attractive. Excellent."
Melody Maker

"A vocalist of real force."
The Observer


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Hangover Square
Media Gurls

Catalogue Number: COR002
The debut solo single. Features four tracks of scabrous whingeing over-noisy, non-musical backing: Media Gurls, Bad Lover Blues, I need you to hate me, Tittybar

Media Gurls